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Behind The Comedy Curtain: What Stand-Up Comedy Documentaries Are Uncovering

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A desire to reveal the world behind stand-up comedy has led filmmakers and investigative journalists to a unique genre: stand-up comedy documentaries. Creators of these documentaries set out to answer questions such as: Out of all career paths, what type of person pursues stand-up comedy? What does it take to make it in the industry? And what does the day-to-day grind feel like? Not Just Anyone Can Be a Comedian Read More»

What Do You Need To Know Before Renting A Komodo Dragon?

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If you need a large lizard to be in your film, your best bet is to rent one from an animal rental agency rather than buy your own. The Komodo dragon is the type of lizard most people will choose when they want a large lizard. These reptiles are the largest lizards alive today — some are up to 10 feet long. When you rent a Komodo dragon, the rental company will usually send a person along to manage the lizard. Read More»

Considering A Career In Animation? Use These Suggestions

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Whether interested in game design or feature films, a career in animation may be on your mind. If you aren’t personally acquainted with anyone in the industry, building an entire career may be something you’re not sure how to accomplish. Try animation-related tips like these to make your mark in the field. Improve Skills An honest skills assessment is important for any animation career. Do your animations seem professional? Do you know multiple software platforms well enough to work at a professional level? Read More»

Is Your Women's Business Club Hosting A Special Event?

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Do you belong to a club that supports and promotes women in the business world? If so, perhaps you have monthly meetings where those in your club get together for instruction and fellowshipping. Are you on a committee that is planning an upcoming special event? Whatever the reason that you are part of a group that is planning the event, from arranging for a stand-up comedy documentary to inviting special speakers, here are some ideas that might help you. Read More»